Sunday, May 31, 2015

Add Two Fantastic Story Collections to Your Library

To cap off 2015's Short Story Month, I feel compelled to tell you about what I think is some great news.

On June 9th, two of my all-time favorite short story collections will finally be released in eBook format. Both are by the inimitable Jeffrey Ford.

The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories 
The Empire of Ice Cream

If you love finely-crafted short fiction and appreciate works of fantasy that contain none of the stereotypical elements that spring to mind when you hear that word, then you should grab these collections.

If you're not an eBook person, and you're interested, then I highly recommend that you hunt down the gorgeous Golden Gryphon hardcover editions of these two books. 

Note: The author and I are not buddies. I get nothing out of recommending these books (aside from the joy in making other readers happy).

You can pre-order the eBooks now, if you're of a mind to.

The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories

Amazon / B&N / Kobo

The Empire of Ice Cream

Amazon / B&N/ Kobo

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