Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Link and more Everson & Lorn

I finished a couple more stories by Edward Lorn slated to appear in his forthcoming collection Others & Oddities:

"The Red Door on Market Street"
"Just Short of Paradise"

"Red Door" is my favorite so far of those in this collection that I've not yet read. I also understand that the table of contents for this thing is growing, so I can look forward to more stories headed my way in the near future.

John Everson's collection, Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions, has thankfully gotten much better. I plowed through these sometimes delightfully goofy tales of orgasms and gore:

"Long Distance Call"
"Cage of Bones"
"Dead Girl On The Side Of The Road"
"Pumpkin Head"
"Direkit Seed"
"Every Last Drop"

The choices the characters make in these sex/death tales are often ridiculous, but the stories still entertain.

The stand-out so far from my Short Story Month reading is "The Summer People," by Kelly Link. I happened upon this one in The O. Henry Prize Stories 2013 anthology. Link's writing, as usual, was excellent, the story a wholly engaging and imaginative bit of Southern 'magical realism.' Recommended.

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