Title: Taboogasm
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Satire
Length: Novella
Imprint: new dollar pulp
Release Date: Coming Soon!


Bill likes booze. He likes women. But he doesn't like to work. Luckily for Bill, if he plays the lottery, he wins.

Every single time.

What happens when a low-life starts living the high life?

What happens when a deadbeat loser becomes the luckiest man alive?

He draws some unwanted attention, naturally, from dark and powerful forces, and before he knows what's what, his days on Earth are numbered.

Bill's luck just ran out.

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Title: The Hanover Block
Genre: Horror
Length: Novella
Imprint: new dollar pulp
Release Date: November 2, 2014


Living in the long shadow of a tragic accident, Marion struggles through his solitary suburban life. He's resigned himself to a static existence, to living and dying in a world where every house looks exactly the same. Then he notices changes in his neighborhood. Tool sheds and playhouses are cropping up all over, hastily constructed and set at odd angles. The nutjob down the road builds an outhouse in the middle of his front yard, and the guy right next door is erecting two geodesic climbing domes, one nested inside the other.

People are doing strange things on their lawns.

Praise for The Hanover Block:

"Highly recommended for fans of bad sci-fi movies, creature features, aliens and/or conspiracy theories, the unexplained, and the unidentified. Bravo!" - Horror After Dark

"It's original, creative and somewhat bizarre and definitely worth a read." - Scarlet's Web

"Backyard bizarro of the nastiest order." - Edward Lorn, author of CRUELTY

"...a bizarro mindshagging..." - Scream Horror Magazine

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Title: Six Dead Spots
Genre: Horror
Length: Novella
Imprint: new dollar pulp
Release Date: November 22, 2013


Frank makes a startling discovery in the shower. He finds six strange circles of skin gone completely numb—three neatly spaced down the center of his chest and abdomen, and three more down his spine. His doctor takes sadistic pleasure in carving out bits of Frank's flesh and a perverse childlike glee flipping through hundreds of pictures of his interior. But when the tests come back, he's unable to make a diagnosis and refers Frank to a psychiatrist. Under guided hypnosis, Frank uncovers clues in a repressed dream, but his sessions on the couch are soon cut short when he loses his job and his health insurance. Now Frank is forced to solve the mystery of his six dead spots on his own. Armed with nicotine patches, pornography, sleeping pills, and a stack of books on lucid dreaming, Frank delves into a world of nightmares to do battle with the monsters lurking inside his head.

Praise for Six Dead Spots:

"Recommended for fans of surreal, and [...] comedic dark fiction!" -Horror After Dark

"...insane and hilarious and ... wow." - THe GaL iN THe BLue MaSK

"...a cleverly orchestrated sequence of nightmares." -Ade Grant, author of The Mariner

"...a creepy chiller..." -The Sinister Sister Speaks

"...a novella that captures, better than most, the feel of a waking dream." -Chris Allinotte, author of Gathering Darkness

"Xane proves himself to be one of those self-published authors whose quality and originality supersedes that of many trade published peers." -Martyn V. Halm, author of Reprobate

"This book was more than I thought it would be, and better than I could have imagined." -The Veritable Fount

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