Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Release! Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror

I'm pleased to announce the release of Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror. And I must say, I'm proud to have my humble contribution, "The Uncle Taffy's Girl," appear alongside excellent stories by authors whose work I greatly admire.

I'm biased, of course, but I do think this is the best Bad Apples yet.

Grab it now in Kindle or paperback!

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Paperback Editions also available at: Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Release: Taboogasm

Title: Taboogasm
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Dark Humor
Length: 162 pages
Imprint: new dollar pulp
Release Date: 7/26/2016


Bill likes booze. He likes women. But he doesn't like to work. Luckily for Bill, if he plays the lottery, he wins.

Every single time.

What happens when a low-life starts living the high life?

What happens when a deadbeat loser becomes the luckiest man alive?

He draws some unwanted attention, naturally, from dark and powerful forces, and before he knows what's what, his days on Earth are numbered.

Bill's luck just ran out.

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Taboogasm: Illustrated Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

(only 30 copies available)

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Edward Lorn will be interviewing me at 2 PM Eastern today.


We'll be announcing the winners of the Booklikes Taboogasm eBook Giveaway live!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maryland resident wins lottery twice in one day

URL: www.lotterypost.com/news/304012

BALTIMORE, Md. — A Cecil County resident won back-to-back Maryland Lottery scratch-offs Thursday, according to officials with the Maryland State Lottery Agency.


















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Friday, July 8, 2016

Taboogasm Giveaways

Click the cover image below to enter to win an illustrated paperback copy of Taboogasm!

Also, you may click HERE to enter to win an eBook copy of the book.

*Note: You must be a Goodreads.com member to enter to win the paperback edition. You must be a Booklikes.com member to enter to win the eBook edition.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What I'm Working On

I figure I should let people who like what I write know that I've got quite a bit of stuff written and making its way through the editing/revision pipeline.

First off, I've got an illustrated novella coming soon. It's called TABOOGASM, and it's about a guy who wins the lottery every time he plays.

There's a new Halloween horror story set to premiere in an anthology this fall.

I also plan on releasing a full-length fantasy novel by the end of this calendar year. This will be the first in a planned trilogy. All fantasy novels come in threes, right?

I've written four new novellas. The first of which, BRIDES OF HANOVER BLOCK, comes out in 2017.

And I'm actively writing a fantasy/adventure horror novel. I have no idea when this sucker will see the light of day. I'm at around the 10% mark with this one. Early days. But it's going well.

So, thanks to everyone who reads my work. Just thought I'd let you know there's much more to come.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Short Story Month Draws to a Close

I'm capping off Short Story Month with a friendly reminder that you can grab a couple of my short stories for FREE, if you'd like.

You can grab "It Came From Hell and Smashed the Angels" for FREE from all over the place.

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Also, if you subscribe to my New Release Mailing List, I'll send you a weird fairy tale called "I Will Tell You About Knoist."

You can go here to learn more and to subscribe.

Or, if you'd prefer to sign up via e-mail or through social media, you may do that, too. Here's a link to a list of places where you can contact me.