Friday, May 30, 2014

Zombie Dash by Mark Matthews

First off, I'm not a zombie guy. I picked this one up because it was free, and I wanted to see if the author would avoid the most obvious thing in the world he could possibly do: include real zombies in an event featuring fake zombies. Sadly, he went down the obvious path, and this was a rather large strike against this piece for me.

The story had a cluster of glaring problems that a proofreader could have fixed. 'Feel' is used when 'fell' is meant. People 'flayed' instead of 'flailed.' That sort of thing. Now this wasn't a consistent problem throughout (not that I noticed, anyway). It kind of seemed like there was a chunk of errors when things really started getting scary. Maybe the proofreader had to look away?

The storytelling on display here isn't bad and the typos aren't of the 'so maddening that you need to pull out your hair' variety. So, I certainly wouldn't try to dissuade zombie guys and gals from reading this. Not that I could, anyway.

Here you go zombie people, click here for the free download on Amazon.

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