Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Mariner by Ade Grant

This book is excessive; excessively bleak, excessively gross, excessively violent, excessively sexual, and excessively sexually violent. It is a story about excess and addiction and faith and betrayal and loss and so many other terrible and surreal and glorious things that I don't want to write about because I wouldn't want to spoil anything for, what I’d imagine to be, the small niche audience this book was written for. It’s an excessively ambitious and uncompromising book, too. I only wish that I’d read a slightly more compressed version of it. Yes, there was some excess that could have been trimmed. I didn't expect it to be a fast-paced thriller of a read going in. But there is really only so much time anyone would want to spend in 'Crazy Town.' I think there are readers out there who will like this sort of thing. I did. Just make sure you know going in that your stay in 'Crazy Town' will be an extended one.

Note: This is one of those novels filled with reprehensible characters (especially the titular character). So, if you’re not a reader who can stomach the “horrible people stuck in a horrible world” genre, then it’s best you steer clear.

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