Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Empire of Ice Cream

Sadly, none of my favorite author's short story collections are available in audio book format. I had the idea recently to revisit all of Jeffrey Ford's short works through audio to see what I could learn from a modern master of the form, but I quickly found that my educational plan could not be enacted in full. Luckily, a number of his stories were recorded for various podcasts and are available for free in disparate locales across the internet. 


The Empire of Ice Cream is one such story. And I highly recommend you give it a listen. Genre-wise, it falls somewhere between science fiction and fantasy set in the modern world.


You can find it here. (The story begins at approximately 00:09:30)



  • Hugo Nomination for Best Novelette 2004.
  • Nebula for Best Novelette 2003.
  • World Fantasy Award Nomination for Best Novella 2004



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