Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan

If you can handle a book where the anti-hero becomes less and less sympathetic the more you learn about him, then give this a try. If you can stomach seemingly endless passages of brooding and self-loathing written by a chain-smoking werewolf imbibing huge amounts of Scotch between kills, you'll love this novel. If you like gore and don't mind lots of intentionally meaningless sex, give this a go.

Yes, this is a novel featuring werewolves and vampires, but its structure is less horror and more espionage thriller. It is very dark, existentially pessimistic even, but it's also quite funny at times--and beautifully written.

It's my understanding that Glen Duncan was known as a writer of literary fiction before he decided to go slumming in the genre ghetto. With that being said, aside from some issues with pacing, he's managed to assimilate, and even elevate, many of the key tropes and plotting conventions of both espionage and horror fiction without once coming off as condescending.

I liked this quite a lot, and I've already downloaded the sequel.

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