Saturday, June 15, 2013

Turing & Burroughs

Don’t worry, this book isn't about what the author imagined a true-to-life meeting of Alan Turing and William S. Burroughs might have actually have been like (although that could have been interesting, I suppose). Instead, it’s pure craziness. It’s not to say that the author didn't do his homework and research the two main subjects of this novel. He did. And he does a good job imitating the style and spirit of Burroughs in letters to Ginsberg and Kerouac that comprise a number of chapters in the book. He also did a great job of creating a world much like the worlds Burroughs built inside his head using Alan Turing’s mad science as the ‘magic’ that makes it all possible. No, this isn't about Turing & Burroughs teaming up to solve a cozy mystery in Tangiers. It’s all about the misadventures of a band of drug addled, sexually deviant, telepathic, shape-shifting slugs.

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